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Server State

A NodeJS and React-based ecosystem to inspect the state of your servers.

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Monitor your servers better

✔ Extensible

We build Server State with extensibility as a first-class citizen. We even create many built-in functions as plugins. Want another notification style? Just install the plugin. Or, if no plugin exists yet, build it using our well-documented APIs.

✔ Adjustable

Even if you are not a developer yourself, it's easy to adjust Server State to fit your needs. Whether it's by installing an additional plugin, re-configuring installed plugins, or something else: You can let Server State be the right tool for the job.

✔ Easy to set up

Installing Server State on your server is a simple as running an installer script. (ok, sometimes you'll need to adjust the Firewall a little bit, but in that case, you should know what to do 😉). After that, you can do configure everything through our UI.

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Easy to develop for

NodeJS, React & GraphQL

We're using industry standards like NodeJS, React & GraphQL for Server State.

Server State using standard tech means that both you and we can use a lot of tooling that already exists for these standards without reinventing the wheel.

Well documented

As developers, we know that one of the biggest frustrations when integrating into a system is lacking/inaccurate documentation.

For that reason, we don't consider documentation to be a "side artifact" but an integral part of the product itself.

Eating our own dogfood

"Eating one's own dog food" refers to using one's products. Since we build much of our functionality using the plugin APIs ourselves, we want road bumps within our APIs fixed just as much as you do.
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100 % Open Source

Server State and its core modules are fully open source (under the MIT license) and free to use even in commercial settings. If you want to support us, we appreciate all kinds of contributions to our project on GitHub: