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The Server State brand primarily uses shades of white and gray and one accent color. Neutral colors symbolize the diversity of the ecosystem, which doesn't lead in one direction but instead adapts to the client's servers:

Server State Logos

Using the logos

Feel free to use the logos to link to Server State resources. First, however, please follow these few simple guidelines:

  • Do not distort the Logo
  • Do not change the Logo's colors (if needed, you can use the monochrome version)
  • Do not use the logos in any incriminating or discriminating manner

Color Logos

In most cases, you should use one of our colored logos:

Light Backgrounds

Link to

Dark Backgrounds

Link to

Monochrome Logos

Use the monochrome logos if the Server State Logo doesn't match your intended color schema, but you still want to include the Logo.

Light Backgrounds

Link to

Dark Backgrounds

Link to

Stencil Logos

Use the stencil logos if and only if the target medium doesn't support more than two values.


Link to

White on black (WOB)

Link to


Logo design

Server State has three main types of logos:

  • the brand (Server State) logo described above
  • product logos, e.g., for the Web Client
  • module logos for individual modules

There are requirements all these logos need to fulfill:

  • they have to work in a square and a circle (and all in-between states)
  • they have to work in multiple color environments:
    • Color (light and dark backgrounds)
    • Monochrome (light and dark backgrounds)
    • Stencil, i.e., in two values: "Black" and "White."

The grid system

To keep sizing consistent throughout logos, we use a grid system when designing them.

Since we create logos as vector files, absolute sizes aren't a good measure for dimensions.

To get around this, we define our artboard as having the width and height x and define all other units around that.

The basic shape of the Logo should get designed with a grid of 12 rows and columns with no margin, i.e., each cell having the width and height x/12, to add finer details, it's possible to later subdivide this into 24 sections with a width/height of x/24:

Subdivided grid with 24 rows and columns

Link to 24 * 24 grid on a square with a circle marked24 * 24 grid on a square with a circle marked

Color usage

We want to create a good contrast with our logos. We use the colors White, Light, Dark, and Black (cf. Colors) to achieve this. In addition, to make the Logo recognizable as part of our brand, we add a small amount of the Accent color.

The outline

To add more contrast to the background within transparent logos, we add an outline with a stroke width of x/24 in a color that contrasts the presumed background-color (i.e., Black for light backgrounds and White for dark backgrounds) to the Logo's primary shape. This stroke, e.g., gets used in the Server State logo, as you can see above.


To make the logo design process more accessible, we provide a template XD file for creating Server State logos:

XD Logo Design Template